Classic Series

12Pcs Black Makeup Brush Set

Bristle Material : premium synthetic hair, pony hair

Handle Material: wooden handle

Ferrule Material: aluminum ferrule

Brush Size: 15CM-18CM


12pcs makeup brushes + makeup bag

Makeup Bag Material: PU leather

Makeup Bag Color: brown

Makeup Bag Size: 20cm*11.5cm*5cm


1.Powder brush, apply with natural pressed powder products

2.Round foundation brush, apply with liquid foundation

3.Angled blush brush, apply with blush products

4.Highlight brush

5.Small highlight brush, apply products to eye or nose corner

6.Eyeshadow brush, pony hair

7.Eyeshadow brush, pony hair

8.Blending brush

9.Small eyeshadow brush, pony hair

10.Eyebrow brush, to have a stereo eyebrow effect

11.Eyeliner brush, apply with creamy eyeliner products

12.Lip brush, retractable, easy to carry

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