Elegance Series

11Pcs Pearly White Makeup Brush Set

Bristle Material : premium synthetic hair

Handle Material: wooden handle

Ferrule Material: aluminum ferrule

Brush Size: 15.6cm~18.5cm


11Pcs makeup brushes + makeup bag

Makeup Bag Material: PU leather

Makeup Bag Color: coffee

Makeup Bag Size: 22cm*16cm


1.Oblique head powder brush, for powder cosmetics

2.Foundation brush, for foundation or foundation cream for a flawless finish

3.Heart-shaped blush brush, for blush, heart-shaped brush head can take care of details

4.Flame high-gloss brush, for facial shadows or highlights to create a three-dimensional look

5.Large eye shadow brush, can be used for eye base, nose silhouette, brow bone brightening

6.Eye shadow brush, can be used for large area eye shadow

7.Fan eye shadow brush, for eye blooming

8.Smudge brush for eye sockets, smoky eyeshadow

9.Detail brush for eye detail

10.Eyeliner brush, for eyeliner, minimal detail concealer, or fine-tuned corners

11.Fan brush, for removing residual powder and highlights of the tibia

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